good morning bloody diaper rash and nasty cough…

well it was just one of those days….woke up to hudson’s nasty cough which, of course, kept him from napping properly.  which in turn made my day very long.  on top of the cough, baby beckett woke up with a bloody diaper rash!  i don’t mean red and rashy, i mean sores and blood!  it was the saddest thing i have ever seen and it made me sick to my stomach to see my sweet little man in this condition.  but, he of course, like always was smiling and giggling. he is truly the happiest baby and not by pure fluke, but because he is WELL RESTED!!  mommy secret of the day; help your baby learn how to sleep and in return it will help you have a very happy baby, who will only fuss when something is truly wrong! although, i am expecting beckett to fuss it up here in the next few days, as a few of his teeth are about to come through and im sure his bum has to be bugging him. 

needless to say, i spent the day running to the pharmacy for prescription diaper cream, which can also be used under is 9 roll chin since it is as red as the ripest strawberry and doing loads of laundry!! trying to air out a diaper rash diaper free can make for a very messy day….need i say more?  on a positive note it is only 6 PM and both boys are sound asleep in bed.  lets see how long it stays that way, as a coughing toddler is a parents’ worst sleep.  crossing fingers for a bloodless AM diaper and a cough that’s seems good enough for all the other moms at nursery school not to look at me like i’m “that mom who brings her sick kid to school!” 


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