Hard work up front pays off in the long run

just like most things in life, hard work pays off.  becoming a new parent is a bit scary as it’s one of those things that you have to just sort of fly by the seat of your pants.  there is no manual on how to parent, but i can say that if you simply love your kids as much as possible than you will always do your best.  you will take the time and effort to always try.  you will read articles, ask friends, learn through trial and error, learn from your mistakes and mainly you will give it everything you’ve got!  afterall, what have you got to lose?  we’ve only got one life and one opportunity to raise our kids!  yes, you can simply just raise kids, but do you want to do that?  or do you want to raise them to be the absolute best human being they can possibly be?  i hope your answer is yes to this!  your kids are counting on YOU!!!  don’t do them a disservice and half-ass the job.  make it your #1 priority to parent exceptionally!  this is your time to commit to them and before you know it they will be all grown up and the proof will be in the pudding!  

i find myself thinking a lot about this “work hard up front” idea.  i often see kids whom are aching for attention, time, and love.  yearning for discipline in a loving way.  showing them that their parents care and have the commitment to take the time with them.  the time it needs to use those teachable moments to help them understand the reasons behind their behaviour.  what really brought this idea to the forefront for me was the fact that both my boys and myself had the stomach flu this weekend.  gross!!  friday afternoon little becks came home from his toddler program, refused to eat lunch and was asking to go “nigh, nights.”  i had a funny, gut feeling that maybe he wasn’t feeling great, but i also thought it could be in correlation to starting school and being extremely tired.  unfortunately, about an hour and a half into his nap i heard over the monitor a loud cough, cry, gag and then i knew what my weekend had in store.  luckily for me, because my boys are very well trained and behaved i knew we will manage.  hudson stepped right into his role.  he was my little helper the entire afternoon.  we had to cancel his playdate and he took the bad news like a true gentleman.  he helped me by bringing water to beckett, starting the laundry, keeping an eye on his brother while i cleaned the mess, he played independently when becks needed me most, helped me take down the halloween decorations and got in the bath early to meet beckett’s earlier bedtime needs since he was so sick.  it baffled my mind!  hudson whome is only 3 years old has the ability to do all that!!  i know it isn’t luck, but i do feel lucky that i have had the opportunity to give 100% to parenting and see the results in my 2 little guys.

it amazes me what your kids are possible of if you take the necessary time and put in the hard work up front.  when you need them to act a certain way, or help you out they will understand why and be capable of your expectations.  it’s these times when you will thank yourself for all your dedication. you will look at your kids in awe!  absolutely overjoyed at what amazing little creature they truly are! i’m so thankful to have such sweet boys and when i see how wonderful they are each day it shows me that the hard work pays off.  it makes my life and my husband’s life that much easier.  we have a relaxed household, a schedule that fits everyone’s needs, and allows us to have time just for us!  you’ll be grateful for each day when you enjoy your kids and the way they behave.  then when times like the stomach flu arise you’ll be more than thankful!  you’ll be so grateful that you put in the hard work up front to raise kids whom are respectful, helpful, happy and loving human beings! 

parent with all you’ve got!  this is your chance, so take advantage of it!

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