i swear by it!!

as mom’s, we all have our things we swear by.  whether it be tricks of the trade, methods of parenting, and of course the products we choose to use!  we all have our preferences of which diaper brand, disposable or cloth, homemade baby food or jarred, lotion before bed or not, etc.  this list will go on for eternity, but one product that is definitely worth mentioning as a mommy tip: bio gaia!!!  i swear by this stuff up and down.  it is a little bit like liquid gold!  it’s not cheap to say the least, but the amazing work it does on your little ones’ immune system is worth every penny!  we go through one of these tiny little bottles, that costs in and around $33.00 each week.  we used to spread it through 2 weeks before the arrival of baby beckett, but now the 2 boys smack back 1 per week.  i can’t imagine the bio gaia budget per year if we end up with a 3rd baby, yikes!!

bio gaia has been a morning ritual in our household since hudson was around 6 months old.  he happened to get a bad cold, which then led to an ear infection.  the antibiotics didn’t work and he was given 2 more rounds of antibiotics to try and rid the ear infection.  the only problem was the antibiotics were continually weakening his immune system and therefore he wasn’t able to fight the bug.  it was a vicious cycle and i felt helpless at the time.  hating to give my tiny little man weeks of prescription meds, but knowing he needed them and then being so frustrated that they weren’t working.  the day i stumbled acorss bio gaia felt a bit like winning the immune system lottery!  it was the day i walked into the pharmacy to get hudson’s 3rd round of meds.  the pharmacist on duty that day, whom had just become a father himself, asked me if i had been giving him any probiotics to help with his immunity and give it a natural boost.  since his system had basically been thrown out and stomped on by all the antibiotics, he needed an outside souce to get him over this hump.  he suggested to me bio gaia.  at this point in time i was willing to try just about anything, so therefore i did! thank god, because it wasn’t more than a couple days and he was feeling so much better, the antibiotics worked and his ear infection disappeared!  30 days later, but i finally felt like i had a grasp of what to do going forward to help hudson in terms of his health.    

bio gaia is a tiny refrigerated bottle that you simply drop 5 drops/day into any liquid or food your baby will be sure to finish.  i always add it to beckett’s morning bottle and hudson’s milk cup.  i’m not saying my boys never get sick, but i can say they rarely get sick and when they do they often fight back in pretty good time!  it’s also great for travel when they are exposed to so many germs, along with school, programs and let’s face it…everyday life as a baby/toddler/child whom are exposed to germs everywhere they go!  what i love about bio gaia is that it isn’t a medicine or something that builds up in their body.  you simply have the immune boost the day you take it and don’t on the ones you don’t.  it’s like eating a healthy probiotic yogurt with live cultures.  it’s probiotics in it’s natural state, going directly to your little ones to help build immunity!  it also has been proven to help with colic, although i never had babies with colic, so i can’t say for sure.

anyhow, if you have babies or kids whom are constantly sick and are tired of them getting over one sickness, just to come down the next week with another, than try bio gaia!  i get mine at shoppers behind the counter.  just ask if they have any in their fridge and away you go!  i hope this mommy tip finds your kids a little less sick and a lot more healthy!!

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