is pooping seriously a choice?

according to my 3 year old, pooping is actually a choice!!  argh!!  this might be the most frustrating thing for the both of us.  he is fine to go anywhere as long as mommy, daddy, nana, or connie are around to take him to the potty.  for some reason the school potty is a ‘no way in hell’ sort of place to go.  no good reasons for this stance, but this stance is strong to say the least!  hudson goes to school each morning and stays 2 days for the full day for french immersion.  mon/wed/fri he has no poop issues as he is home 1/2 day to do his business.  our problem arises on his long days!  every tuesday we begin our struggle of being totally backed up!  he remains this way from tuesday-thursday in fear of getting out what is, truly a full-grown man sized poo! yucko and ouchy all at once!  he is completely terrified to go as he knows it will hurt.  i, of course, have to play the roll of coaching!  i feel as though i am coaching him through child birth and the screams and actions from him resemble this act as well 🙁  together we HATE this whole thing!! 

last night our mid-week constipation ritual reached new heights!  the pain and fear were off the charts and i felt so bad for my little man.  that being said, something had to be done and that poo had to make it’s exit!  now the problem was i needed an exit strategy.  then i remembered that i had some child suppositories from when he was younger.  i told hudson he needed some bottom medicine to help make it easier to poo and with this statement his eyes just about popped out of his head.  i can’t imagine what he was thinking was about to occur, but he knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.  i laid him down and with a struggle, finally convinced him that it was either going to be mommy putting the medecine in or the doctor.  poor hudson was completely violated and mortified all at once.  it broke my heart that he was in pain, so concerned and overall traumatized all from his poo. 

needless to say the suppository worked and after about 20 minutes he started to go a bit.  after he went and without pain you could see the relief in his face.  his demeanor bounced back to normal and all was good in the world of hudson.  thankfully he went again this morning and now we are all back on track until… tuesday’s long day at school!  oh, the wonderful events of parenting!!! 

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