Parenting Can Be Your Success Story

Parenting Can Be Your Success Story

Hi there mamas and papas! I hope you’re all geared up for Halloween next week? The buzz of excitement, decorations and Halloween treats are filling our house top to bottom! Let’s enjoy this time of year, but..let’s not make this exciting time another excuse for our child’s bad choice of behaviour.

Parenting can be your success story. learn to parent without battles
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We are all guilty of covering up negative behaviours with excuse after excuse. Making excuses for why they yell and talk back. Maybe it’s because they are going through a phase or a developmental milestone? We decide they are crabby and whiny because they are over-tired or anxious about trying something new. Whatever the reason may be, we often get caught in the cycle of make an excuse, ignore the issue at hand and then power struggle it out repeatedly. This cycle will work for a while, but at one point or another you will finally hit your breaking point. CBS News explains why making excuses doesn’t hold your kids accountable. You will realize that you can’t go on living your life day in and day out battling each and every thing with your kids. Here is where you will  need to decide what to do next.


Once you’ve hit your breaking point and are over the top frustrated you can be rest assured that there are solutions for you. Ask yourself…

“Do I have to remind my child twenty-thousand times every morning to brush their teeth?”

“Am I battling with my kids to go to bed because they need one more drink, more rubs or longer story times?”

“Is my child constantly whining?”

These are a few of the behaviours you may be making excuses for. Please know there are gentle, positive and easy to implement parenting tools that will put an end to these behaviours and more. Your next step is to make a commitment to you and your child to make positive changes.


There are positive solutions that will work for you! Working with parents is one of the most rewarding jobs, next to being a mother. I love seeing parents transition from an overwhelmed state of parenting to a state of joy. When you decide to make this commitment for change, it will require you commit to consistentcy. It doesn’t mean more work for you, but it actually will mean less work. You will no longer need to ask your child multiple times to get something done. You won’t have to spend hours putting your child to bed. Listening to the constant whining, crying and tantrums will come to an end. Putting some time in up front with parenting solutions I can offer you, will create a more easy going household, more cooperative kids and a day to day parenting experience where you can actually enjoy your kids!


“We had been struggling with bedtime for months. Both kids wanted their back rubbed for what seemed like hours before falling asleep in their rooms. Then we were left trying to sneak out once they were asleep. With the help of Tia we are now able to kiss them good night and walk out of the room while they are awake. With the addition of our third child, our other two were pushing boundaries and acting out. Tia helped us come up with some positive parenting tools to help us all deal with all the changes.  Thanks Tia!” – Kathryn (Toronto)
“I had the opportunity to attend some workshops and one-on-one meetings with Tia, which have been very beneficial to understand some of the behavioral challenges we had with my son and the best way to approach them. The Parenting Manual has provided with effective tools and techniques to gently deal and correct our current parenting struggles with our toddler. We are seeing a lot of improvements and look forward to keep learning more about positive discipline.” – Surelly (Toronto)


Just like the success you hear from others above, this can be part of your success story too! First off, know that you are not alone in this struggle. Parenting is hard, really hard. Don’t think that success stories are for everyone else. You are already a success story. Your success is the fact that you are you. It’s the fact that you are a parent who loves your kids. In order to deepen your success story, you can learn how to stop the battle and bring the joy back into your parenting experience. It will work for you, I promise. Commit to the process and once you begin you will see positive changes within one week. You can bring the joy back into parenting and take the battling out. Once you commit to learning about positive discipline, you will know that you don’t have to continually battle. You will have a variety of parenting tools to help your child solve whatever struggles that present.

Let’s Start Talking – Book Now. It’s your turn to make parenting your success story!




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