quality versus quantity

quality versus quantity is something that all of us debate within many areas of our lives.  is it better to spend lots of time at work or less time in a more productive manner?  is it better to spend lots of time exercising at a moderate level or kill it for 30 minutes?  is it better to spend lots of time with our kids where we may be reading the paper and them watching TV or less time where we are fully engaged with them?  all of these questions, along with many more, each have an answer.  everyone’s answer to them may vary, but for me the quality is way more important than the quantity in each and every area!!

i exercise for shorter times, but work really hard.  i spend time working with clients and writing when i’m in the best mind set and can give it my full attention.  most importantly, i try to make quality time to spend with my boys.  sure we go through our day to day motions and i’m not fully engaged 100% of each and every day, but when we have the opportunity we strive for that.  many of you are parents that work.  i can only imagine how hard that must be and can’t say i know how you feel.  i can empathize and try to put myself in your shoes and they don’t feel like the easiest shoes to walk in.  the limited amount of time where you actually feel you can sit back, relax and engage with your kids is slim.  i’m sure the mornings are a mad rush to get up and out of the house.  the evenings are a mad rush to pick up your kids and/or get the fed and off to bed.  this cycle rotates round and round and each day leaves you wondering where the last has gone. 

yes, i’m a stay at home mom, but my kids do go to school and my eldest is in full day kindergarten.  i have less opportunity to try and make quality time with him and can relate more with my working parents in regards to the lack of time available.  the one thing i often notice is the stay at home moms or parents get busy doing ‘stuff’ and have nannies or babysitters and somehow get into a rhythym where they aren’t getting in that quality time.  the working families know they are only alloted those few hours per day and sometimes make use of those as best they can.  sometimes it’s the working parents who actually get in that quality time and the stay at home parents are fulfilling the quantity aspect and lacking the quality.

either way all of us, as good parents, want to know if we are doing the best possible job.  could we be doing more to make our kids feel loved and more secure?  could we be doing more to engage them with fun, educational activities?  could we do more to spend good quality time with them?  most likely, the answers to one or more of these questions is probably yes, as we all can always strive to be better.  in order to make changes you need to step back and take a look at how you and your kids spend your days.  whether you work or are at home, ask yourself, do you set aside some time each time to make quality moments with your kids? where can you make some adjustments?  this article titled: 5 ways to spend time with your kids when you have no time is a great, simple way to help you organized ways to get in this quality time.  it’s a short article that may help you make long-term changes within your family! 

please give it a read and comment back on ways you and your kids love to spend quality time!  or ask questions and get suggestions from others and myself!  we are all parents trying to better ourselves and learn and the way we do this is by listening to others!!

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happy parenting until next time!


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