sleepless nights : sam 7 months

hi everyone! sorry been gone so long….been super buys helping moms sleep train.  i will try and blog more often and keep you up to date on all the stories related to these moms and their sleep issues.  not to mention i will give some tips along the way! i am going to change the names of my clients to maintain their privacy, but their story will not be altered in any way.  each situation is unique and has their own individual sleep problems.  in this next case we have 7 month, sam who is not sleeping properly.  his mother, sara, is very frustrated by his sleeping habits and ultimately wants him to sleep 2 solid naps each day and sleep at night from 7am-7pm without waking/feeds.

we had a phone consultation to get all the details straight and i explained to sara that these were not unrealistic goals.  i encouraged her that we would have sam doing all of these things in the not so long future.  sara explained sam’s typical day as only napping in the car or stroller and refused to nap lying down in his crib.  they had just moved him to his crib, from the bassinet, 7 days before we spoke.  he also dozed on and off throughout the day, while on the go and didn’t have set nap times.  during the night he was waking anywhere from 1-3 times and crying.  she would let him cry 2-5 minutes, but never longer.  she would go to him, rock him, and try to soothe him without feeding.  this worked some of the time and other times she was feeding him. does any of this sound familiar to you?  do you find yourself dealing with some of the same issues?  they can be solved, so don’t be afraid to seek help!

i verbally gave sara my advice and suggestions during our phone consultation and then i followed up with a written document, sent via email, for her to refer to during the process.  sleep training your baby is a hard thing to do, but with support from others and complete commitment, it doesn’t take long.  on average you will see dramatic results in the first few days and you can have your baby fully sleep trained anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.  depending on your consistency and each child being different the time frame can vary from case to case, but it truly never takes long!

after our conversation, sara was feeling positive and ready to go at it full force!!  i think you will be as happy as i was when you hear about her fantastic results!  to read about the results keep watching for the blog post titled:  “catching your zzz’s :  7 month sam sleeps


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