Worried Sleep Training Isn’t for You?


hi parents and followers!  happy new year and i hope you all had a fantastic holiday season!  we are finally getting back into our usual rhythm of school and activities.  where does the time go?  i wish i could slow it down, but unfortunately i don’t have the power.  although, i do have the power to help you sleep train your little ones!  i read an article this morning from the Globe and Mail newspaper titled “secrets of a cold-hearted ‘sleep trainer.'”  it was a very interesting article and one that left me wishing i could write the author back.  wishing i could tell her it was possible and that everything would be okay.  that you can sleep all night and so can your babies/kids.  its not an impossible feat.  it is something everyone can do with commitment and consistency.  i’m not saying it’s always easy and it is sometimes easier for some than others.  some are left feeling pleasantly surprised and others struggle through it, but end with success.  with my help, support, and assistance, together you can have success!  i’m positive!

you can click the link above to read the article in it’s entirety but in a nutshell the article talks about how this mother tried to sleep train her little one at 6 months and let him cry it out.  it worked for her and he slept well for a year or two.  then he started getting out if his crib and kept coming into their room.  in short she ended up awake all night, lying with her 2 year old while her husband slept in the guest room! she was stuck rubbing his back or trying to soothe him back to sleep as he was waking all night long!  agh!!!!  now what?  this is where she mentions sleep training early on is key because the longer you wait the harder it gets.  she finishes the article stating that she is still not sleeping and feels she never will.  here is where i am left wanting to reach out to her.  she is not at a dead end and neither are you if you are in a similar boat.  there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  it can be reached and together we can make it happen.

your child needs sleep to grow and develop properly.  you need sleep to function and be the best you can be and who you want to be.  lack of sleep changes you.  it changes them.  it changes the way you live your life.  we can’t make it without sleep, so lets get you sleeping.  it won’t take long once you take the first step which is to commit and begin.  i’m not saying it won’t take some work but i am saying in the end you will sleep!  i mean really sleep!  all night solid, sound and peaceful sleep!  if you are having troubles with your baby/child and need help please do your entire family a favour and start today!  contact me and let me help you!  request a sleep consult this second and start sleeping the next! http://mommysecrets.squarespace.com/request-a-sleep-consult/

of course this is entirely your decision.  not a decision someone else can make for you.  you have to be ready and willing.  once you hit the wall you will know when you have no other choice!  when this moment occurs, i’m here!  lets get you rested and sleeping!

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