2 Choices Lets Your Toddler Feel They Are In Control

As a parent we want our day to go a certain way and our kids to act a certain way.  this doesn’t always go as planned, as we all know toddlers have a mind of their own.  they are learning to become independent thinkers and developing into their own little person.  sometimes this makes our life a bit more difficult, as what they want isn’t always what we want.  so instead of battling it out with them all day long, remember these two things; set your boundaries and give choices!!

give two choices for each thing your are trying to work out with your child.  whether it’s what they are going to eat, wear, do, etc.  for example, give two choices that ultimately work for you and that way either one they choose is okay.  this gives them the impression that they are in control of their world, and at the same time you are in control of yours.  too many choices overwhelms them and causes them anxiety, which usually ends in a tantrum.

if your toddler refuses to choose from the choices given than remind them that you will ask them 3 times and then you are choosing for them.  remind them as you’re asking them that they only have one more chance to choose and then you’re choosing.  by making this very clear to them it will be fair when you do make the choice.  know what your boundaries are for behaviour and if your toddler makes a tantrum, screaming, crying etc. you will be prepared to take them to their time-out chair, or whatever your method may be, to calm down. i will post another blog regarding time-outs as a strong and clear method for young ones, starting as early as 12 months!

two choices for almost everything you do in a day with your toddler will make your life so much easier!!  trust me, it works!!

happy choice making and happy toddlers!


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